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Andrew Lenhardt, MD

Dr. Lenhardt is a board-certified physician working in the field of integrative and functional medicine.   For the last decade he has specialized in diagnosing and treating chronic complex diseases.   He has served as an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Tufts Medical School for over 10 years.  He is the author of the book The Best of All Worlds – A Family Doctor’s Path to Integrative Medicine.

Dr. Lenhardt’s primary goal is to target the root causes of illness and provide patients with the tools to achieve optimal health. With a focus on prevention rather than treatment, he is able to incorporate the principles of functional medicine, naturopathy, ancestral health, nutrition, and lifestyle changes. Protocols are in place to help prevent and reverse health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, chronic fatigue, dementia, osteoporosis and others. Research is ongoing and a variety of topics are covered at his blog.

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