Complex Health Solutions Benefits

Complex Health Solutions Benefits

Complex Health Solutions is the way to identify and treat the root causes of chronic complex health conditions. 


This process can be the first step for many individuals who seek to reverse, cure or prevent these chronic conditions. 

Your personalized symptom analysis combines the expertise and knowledge of functional medicine leaders with the power of machine learning.  Complex Health Solutions is designed to make the diagnostic process more efficient - saving significant amounts of time, money, and frustration for both clients and their practitioners. 

Speeds the assessment and treatment of undiagnosed and undertreated complex health conditions

Personalized analysis of your symptoms saves time and money while reducing uncertainty

Leverages machine learning and continuous data-driven  insights and statistical analyses not yet incorporated into traditional medicine

Compare for Yourself

time consuming, uncertain

Evolution in the
practice of medicine

Makes the process more convenient and affordable

Treats symptoms


Identifies and treats
underlying root causes

Makes root cause analyses more efficient and accurate

Goal is to make a diagnosis that
can be treated for life

Goal is to reverse and cure
health conditions

Analysis is refined and improved continuously as more people
use the system

Traditional Approach

Functional Medicine Advances

Functional Medicine plus Machine Learning

20th century disease-oriented model for healthcare

21st century integrated
multi-system model
for healthcare

Data-driven, statistically validated 21st century integrated multi-system model for healthcare

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