Why is Hillary Clinton So Tired?

There are rumors floating around the internet that Hillary Clinton is unwell.

There is no easy way to know if she’s healthy or not, but she does seem tired and there are reports that she often has to “take a nap.”

We can assume that she has access to some of the top medical specialists in the country maybe in NYC or at Johns Hopkins or similar top tier institutions. Can we also assume that these specialists would have the background and expertise to sort out something as nebulous as chronic, unexplained fatigue?


There is a presumed hierarchy of expertise in American medicine. I work in the Boston area but you could substitute any major metropolitan area near you where the experts hang out.

The hierarchy goes something like this:

Head of a Specialty Department in Boston

Local Specialist

Primary Care Doctor

Nurse Practitioner



For many, this is accepted without question. The idea that someone lower down on the hierarchy may know something more than someone above does not compute for some people.

Medical specialists in America have incredible amounts of knowledge and provide value every day, no question. For some reason though, there are many essential aspects of health and illness that have not penetrated the mainstream consciousness.

Let’s hit some of the more common reasons why Hillary might be tired all the time.

Running for president probably carries some stress with it. Just a wee bit. More stress equals more magnesium and mineral deficiencies. I have never seen a medical specialist order the proper tests to check for magnesium and mineral status. Not once.

She is on thyroid medication, presumably levothyroxine (synthetic T4 hormone). At 68 years old and under duress, there is some likelihood she doesn’t convert T4 hormone to the more active T3 hormone. I have never seen an endocrinologist order a full thyroid panel. Not once.

Chronic Lyme disease is real and if you want to see how much legitimate research exists to support it, check out Horowitz’ book How Can I Get Better or Buhner’s masterpiece Healing Lyme. Hillary Clinton lived for many years in Chappaqua New York, an area with a significant burden of tick-borne illness just a couple of hours from the eponymous Lyme, Connecticut itself.

Perhaps she has a chronic, active viral infection within the herpes family. Within this family of viruses, there are Herpes Simplex Virus (or HSV)-1, HSV-2, HSV-6, CMV and the Epstein Barr Virus (aka HSV-4) with many strains.

The house in Chappaqua was built in 1905. Perhaps she has Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) from mold/biotoxin exposure? More than half of the buildings in America have sustained water damage and that is more likely in older buildings. If there’s water, there’s typically hidden mold and other biological agents/toxins that make some people ill. To see how legitimate this problem is to us, spend some time browsing the 700+ pages of Surviving Mold by Ritchie Shoemaker, MD.

I have never seen any mainstream infectious disease specialist with any reasonable awareness of chronic Lyme, chronic active EBV virus or CIRS. Not once.

If Hillary is tired, she needs to see a functional medicine practitioner or maybe a naturopath. I’m sure Mark Hyman, MD, could squeeze her in. If not, Nate Bergman would travel to D.C. and take the case. If they’re busy, send AirForce One up here and I’ll find some time on a Sunday morning.

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