The Borg

The Borg is a villain from the Star Trek television series. It is a collective that assimilates individuals into a single complex super-organism for the greater good in an effort to achieve perfection. Resistance is futile as the Borg seeks to expand its control and influence over all it encounters.

The Borg does not tolerate any ideas that diverge from the collective mind. Rogue thoughts are a threat. They are not indulged or tolerated.

This concept is not for science fiction alone. We see the hive mentality in many associations throughout human history. It is seen in pure form in the military and in an idealized form in many, but not all, organized religions.

We also can see this is in the modern medical establishment. The Flexner report from 1910 in America set in motion a process that would lead to allopathic medicine’s dominance. Alternative medical approaches fell into disfavor.

As with the Borg, the medical establishment is well intentioned. It insists that science and research must be the foundation for all approaches in medicine. It seeks to protect the public from unregulated and unsanctioned providers.

This Borg, however, has exceeded its authority. It is dominated by a series of industries (especially the pharmaceutical one) that will protect their influence from all outsiders. It closes itself off to innumerable options of value that have been outlined in prior blog posts here and by a wide variety of providers on the outside of the collective.

The only way for us to move forward and improve our healthcare system is to see the American medical establishment for what it is and break free. Fringe practitioners like Robert Thompson, MD, are working to that end. His work has culminated in the book The Calcium Lie II.

I started medical school over 20 years ago and The Calcium Lie II is probably the greatest single breakthrough for me thus far. In primary care, for so long, I’ve been unable to explain a wide variety patients who present with medical conditions out of proportion to their age and lifestyle. The Calcium Lie II provides a framework for explaining many of these patients.

If the establishment truly wanted the best for patients, this book would be incorporated into medical training. If the establishment truly felt that we should base our decisions on biochemistry and human physiology, this book would be known to most doctors.

Premed studies and the first couple of years of medical school are dedicated to anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and foundational training in what a human body needs to be healthy and perform optimally. Is this just for show?

In retrospect, it feels as if we learn what is most important only to have it ignored and downplayed for the rest of our careers. Doctors study biochemistry and then forget much of it. The alternative is a vast algorithm centered on which pharmaceutical to use for each symptom and condition.

The Calcium Lie II gets back to the basics and, thus, is hard to discount. You can watch Robert Thompson’s Youtube lecture.

Andrew Lenhardt, MD

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