Simple Ways to Live Your Best Life

This blog will go beyond the obvious things we can do to live a long, healthy, vigorous life.  The basics of course are well understood by most and include a plant-based diet with high quality protein, regular exercise, mindfulness, deep sleep and the maintenance of strong relationships.

Americans can be criticized for taking the easy way out. Heartburn?  No problem, just take an acid blocking pill.  In truth though, we are busy and stressed out and often needs things to be as simple as possible.

There has been a lot of curiosity over the years with articles and books written about the potential benefits of alkalinization of the body.  Benefits of this action vary from reducing the risk of kidney stones to improving bone density to significantly reducing your risk of cancer.  The basic approach to this is having a diet that has more plant-based foods than animal protein.  A simple way to facilitate the shift internally is to use hydrogen tablets dissolved in water every day.  Bob Miller of the Tree of Life, a researcher I follow, says hydrogen tablets are “the fountain of youth.”

Simple, inexpensive and safe with a variety of significant benefits for long-term health.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard about Bulletproof coffee. There is a Youtube video that demonstrates the process, but it is simple and only takes a few minutes. You use a French press to make the coffee, then combine the coffee, grass fed butter and a form of healthy fats (typically palm oil or coconut oil) that is liquid at room temperature in a blender. The Bulletproof Company has a version called Brain Octane Oil. I’ve been doing bulletproof coffee more consistently the past couple of months and it has an incredible array of benefits. On the days I drink the frothy, creamy blend, I have more energy, better focus and improvement in mood. I swear it helps with metabolism as well.

Simple, inexpensive and delicious.

One of the greatest investments you could make for the health of you and your family is to get an infrared sauna for the house. For the millions of Americans with metabolic issues including diabetes, prediabetes, high cholesterol and obesity, infrared sauna is a powerful tool. Spending time in the sauna is equivalent to regular vigorous cardiovascular exercise. These saunas help clear toxins via sweating, but try to take a cool shower relatively soon afterwards and make sure you keep up with your hydration and mineral intake.

Not all saunas are equal in quality. Many use glues, formaldehyde and other chemicals that are released into the sauna after the heat is turned on.  Many also produce high amounts of EMFs (electromagnetic fields) and the deleterious effects of EMFs are being clarified.  With some saunas, you might be clearing toxins while exposing your body to harmful EMFs at the same time.  There are a number of brands that address all of these issues and probably the best available is through the site I just purchased one for our house and when they found out I was a physician, the representative said that anyone who orders a sauna and uses my name will get $500 off. Other high quality infrared saunas can be purchased through or

Simple, moderately expensive as a one-time expense with incredible short-term and long-term benefits.

Millions of Americans have deficiency of thyroid hormone, low testosterone and other hormonal imbalances. The double whammy for endocrine dysfunction is a toxic load combined with mineral and nutrient deficiencies. The most important mineral for the endocrine system might be iodine and one of the most important toxins that interferes with hormone production is bromine. Iodine and bromine are in the same column of the periodical table. Because they are both halides, iodine/iodide supplementation gives the endocrine cells what they need (iodine) while concurrently displacing what is harmful (bromine). A reasonable dose of iodine/iodide daily would be 3-5mg and the I-throid 6.25mg is a good option. Important to do some research and work with a practitioner before starting iodine especially to rule out active Hashimoto’s autoimmune thyroiditis. Many in the functional medicine world recommend against iodine supplement for a person who has active Hashimoto’s. 

These are a few simple ways to dramatically improve your health. Random acts of kindness also go a long way.  Be well.

Andrew Lenhardt, MD

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