Complex Health Solutions Data Privacy Policy

We protect your identity and your privacy through a multi-pronged approach. 

First, the data you provide to Complex Health Solutions does not include your name.

​Second, the data we do collect does not include anything that can be used to identify or to reverse-engineer individual identities - name, address, race. 

Third, Complex Health Solutions’ data is analyzed only in aggregate, and only to enhance our services to you.  The more data we have the better our data mining and machine learning techniques can detect even the most complex health condition, thereby continually improving each successive customer’s root cause analysis.  But once your report is returned to you, we purge your email address from our data and it is not stored in our database. 

Fourth, your data is only used to provide Complex Health Solutions services.  We do not sell, license, or  provide email addresses or your data to anyone for marketing purposes.  Any time.  Any where.  In any way.

Fifth, Complex Health Solutions data is stored only on our private, secure server.  We do not use web-based or cloud services because we will not abdicate our responsibility for the privacy and security of your data to anyone else.

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