Find a Qualified Practitioner

It is important to note that a qualified practitioner who works on chronic, complex health issues might come from a variety of backgrounds including a medical doctor (M.D.), a doctor of osteopathic medicine (D.O.), a naturopathic doctor (N.D.), a doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.), a registered pharmacist (R.Ph.), a doctor of chiropractic medicine (D.C.), a licensed acupuncturist (LAc), and others. 

Complex Health Solutions encourages you to research as much as possible to try to find someone with experience in managing the potential root causes identified by our analysis.  For some of these areas, it may be more challenging to find a person knowledgeable in that particular area.  Even so, it is strongly recommended that you find a qualified practitioner to help you navigate this complicated path.

Some of these providers will do remote visits through Skype and other systems, but we encourage encourage you to try and find someone local if possible, as there is no substitute for a visit in person. 

Some sources that can help find someone local to you:

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