How It Works

Getting your personalized root cause analysis is simple.

  1.  Pay to run RadixML, the machine
     learning analysis of your symptoms.

  2.  Complete the online questionnaire.

  3.  Receive your personalized report by
      email within one week.

The questionnaire consists of
127 symptoms and takes

10-15 minutes to complete.

Cost for your RadixML report is only $29.99

RadixML is our proprietary tool that is the result of more than a decade of research and development.  Powered by machine learning but grounded in the medical discipline of root cause analysis, Radix (Latin for "root") ML (abbreviated "machine learning") is better able to discover and characterize intertwined root causes of complex health conditions that must be addressed in order to regain health. 


RadixML does a twofold analysis of your responses. 

First, using medical protocols for complex health conditions developed by Dr. Lenhardt over the past several decades, we generate an initial set of likely underlying issues.  These are not diagnoses in the traditional sense, but contributing factors that can ultimately lead to a variety of symptoms, ill health and chronic health conditions.

Second, we run your responses through our machine learning algorithms to see how your symptoms are similar or different from others in our database of complex health conditions.  This analysis is specifically intended to identify situations that are so complex, or so new, that they have not yet made their way into our clinical protocols.

If your symptoms are more complex than most, or your symptoms do not fit well with our medical protocols, our algorithms identify that and alert us to do further work.  If, on the other hand, your symptoms are a good fit with the original clinical analysis, we are now even more confident of that assessment.  The machine learning phase has validated our clinical analysis phase. 

In both cases, your data are aggregated into our database immediately so that there is continuous learning - and continuous improvement - in our ability to ascertain root causes of complex health conditions.

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