Jean, Scientist

"I’ve had severe pain and swelling of my knee since a tick bite close to the knee almost 4 years ago.   Although traditional medical tests never showed Lyme, I’m certain that was the problem.  And even though I was treated for Lyme multiple times according to standard medical treatments, I did not improve. 


As it turns out, my underlying problem was CIRS, more commonly known as “mold illness”.  Apparently Lyme and CIRS are co-conspirators in keeping people sick – chronic fatigue, joint pain, searing headaches, stiff neck, etc. 


Once the questionnaire indicated that CIRS was the underlying problem, I saw Dr. Lenhardt and he prescribed a toxin binder.  I was about 80% better in 5 days!  This, after not being able to walk due to extreme swelling and pain in my knee for more than 2 years!!  I have never been so grateful in my life. 


The Complex Health Solutions questionnaire and Dr. Lenhardt’s subsequent treatment plan are nothing short of miraculous."

Linda, Retired

" I am a fairly healthy 65 year old individual taking no medications and do not use alcohol or nicotine but I feel that I am not living my life at an optimum level. I have done  psychotherapy and many years of yoga (also anti-depressants for a few years) but still have issues regarding irritability, anxiety, mild depression and anger. 


The initial results from my answers to the Complex Health Solutions questionnaire have brought up several possible issues that with further testing can be accurately diagnosed and then treatment options recommended.  Without this system a diagnosis could take many months of guess work, testing, and experimenting with possible treatments.


Thank you."

Emily, Mother

"After being diagnosed with mono twice and a possible Lyme disease diagnosis, I took the Complex Health Solution questionnaire which determined my number one issue to be low testosterone. Blood work confirmed that I was significantly low in testosterone, which finally explained my symptoms.


After 6 weeks on supplements recommended by Dr. Lenhardt, my testosterone levels doubled and I was already experiencing the results!


Thank you so much!”

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