Cathy, Corporate Manager

"The Complex Health Solutions system has started me on a path to wellness I thought would forever remain unavailable after a devastating diagnosis and illness 15 plus years ago.   


Problems resulting from my illness have gone undiagnosed until the Complex Health Solutions system pinpointed the issues allowing for the root causes to be determined and treated.


For the first time in more than 15 years I am hopeful about my future health.  I can never thank you enough."


"Complex Health Solutions is a patient-empowerment tool. It is designed by a doctor who understands that patients themselves have unique information about their symptoms that can be gathered in a time-saving and inexpensive online format.


When patients answer the questions posed by this sophisticated data analysis system, important clues emerge about the root causes of chronic health problems, providing direction about the best pathways to pursue.


For me, the survey correctly identified tick-borne illness and an immune imbalance called 'Th1 Dominance'. Empowered by this information, I have gained new confidence in treatment options shaped by this data."


"A shining testament to Dr. Lenhardt's unique quality as a practitioner is in how he does not conclude treatment by idly throwing prescriptions at symptoms, but rather he goes after the absolute roots of one's ailments.


In fact, Dr. Detective Lenhardt might be an appropriate title to give because I have never had the privilege of having a doctor that devotes so much effort to unraveling the mysteries of all the health issues I once thought were dead ends.


His comprehensive approach using the Complex Health Solutions tool, its attention to detail, and his phenomenal sincerity are truly refreshing to experience as a patient."

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