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RootFinder™ is designed to make the diagnostic process more efficient and is designed to help guide clinical decision-making, saving significant amounts of time, money, and frustration for both patients and their providers.

This system combines the expertise and knowledge of functional medicine leaders with the power of technology to identify the root causes of chronic complex health conditions including algorithms based on over 100 clinical studies and hundreds of other sources of information including over 100,000 outpatient visits aggregated over more than 10 years.

RootFinder is not a substitute for your clinical judgment, but an accessory to improve the medical care for each person you manage. We believe this system can be a vehicle for you to gain better insight into the conditions you treat.

Our system takes into account over one hundred symptoms, their relationship with various root causes, and information about the strength of such relationships. Under the supervision of our founder, Andrew Lenhardt, M.D., our team of professionals curates the information and the knowledge provided to our system, on an on-going basis. Our technology experts ensure that these on-going updates are used by our software and algorithms correctly and completely. List of references and publications used by our team, is found here

The overall goal of the website is to serve as a resource for those with chronic health problems who would rather understand their underlying vulnerabilities, root causes and contributors than accept a medical diagnosis that is managed with pharmaceuticals indefinitely.

The best way to use our system is to do an initial clinical assessment and then have your patients run the RootFinder analysis. The results should help focus your objective testing on those areas that are more likely to need attention. Your clinical judgment with our predictions and the objective test results should lead to recommendations more likely to help your patients.

The RootFinder quantifies the likelihood for each potential root cause. The higher the number, the more likely that root cause is an active problem causing symptoms and impacting the patient's daily quality of life. Repeating the RootFinder analysis every 3 to 4 months will help you determine the degree of progress your patient is making. We also report an Illness Index™ with each report from 0 to 100. The higher that number, the more disabling your patient’s health issues. Follow-up analysis using the RootFinder tool will ensure your plan of care is effective because you will get new rankings with new predictive scores and a new Illness Index result.
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Functional and integrative approaches are ideal in many ways and often superior to the goals of traditional allopathic investigations that seek to label patients and treat symptoms. Functional and integrative approaches, however, can be inefficient. High costs can be incurred for our patients when we order tests from outside laboratories that aren’t covered by health insurance. We can waste many months pursuing a working diagnosis that isn’t the primary underlying problem. Many people are recommended to undergo treatments and take innumerable supplements that are ultimately ineffective because the primary root cause or causes were not identified early in the process.
Evolution of Medicine

  • Goal is to diagnose an illness

  • Treats the symptoms of the illness

  • Patient is treated for the chronic illness for life; treatment never ends!

  • Expensive, time consuming and often uncertain


  • Goal is to identify the root causes to reverse or cure the condition

  • Treats the underlying root causes

  • Treating the root causes can end the symptoms and treatment

  • Identifying root causes and ordering tests from outside labs can be costly and inefficient
(Functional Med + Artificial Intelligence)

  • Makes root cause identification efficient and more accurate

  • Ensures that the most likely root causes are being treated

  • Monitors patient's progress; confirms improvement in patient's overall health

  • Employs technology to make the process more practical, convenient and affordable

The overall goal of Complex Health Solutions is to provide you with tools that improve the care you provide every day, and patients who interact with Complex Health Solutions may be in search of a provider who understands the information they review and receive. We want to establish a collaborative relationship with functional, naturopathic and integrative providers through a database of recommended providers. If you would like to be included on this list of providers, or if you have questions or feedback regarding this system, please contact us. As a provider, you can try our RootFinder for free. Sign up as a partner and receive your promo code for free access to the RootFinder.

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